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My life has been absolutely amazing!

 I hesitate to explain. I do not wish to Brag, but to be an example for others. Married for 38 years to my Illinois Sweetheart; we have traveled the world. Scuba Diving was a passion for a while, then when our Boys came, changing to Beaches and Body Boarding. It just keeps getting better!

It was not always so! In the Go-Go 70’s inflation was taking hold and Real Assets were experiencing expotential growth. I was young in my 20’s, selling Real Estate in Cook County, Illinois and making a Fortune. Sales were plentiful; everyone wanted Real Property. I was fortunate to have “Equity” Partners that provided the Capital while I provided the work on “Flipping” properties; a very good arrangement. We were making incredible profits. I thought this would never end. It did; brutally! My Equity Partners attempted the “Big Score” on a large Condo Conversion in 1979, while I was on my Honeymoon. Meanwhile, to our detriment, Paul Volcker was appointed Chairman of the Federal Reserve with a mandate to stamp out Inflation. He raised rates to the roof and the Economy tanked. My Equity Partners were destroyed! My Business screeched to Halt!!!! I had not learned to understand the Business Cycle and read the Signs and Portends that accompany it.

In 18 months, I was broke and newly married! To say I Crashed and Burned would be an understatement. The bottom came up and got me!!! Before the age of 30, I had allowed a Fortune to slip through my hands. I was a terrible Failure!!!!

As I now know, Good Times do not last Forever, they Cycle! Fortunately, Bad Times do not last Forever either! After many sleepless nights of introspection, the Strategy was born. My wonderful wife and I commited to implementing and executing the Plan and after 9.5 years, in 1992, we parked our Investments with a quality Property Manager and off to Europe we went. Open-ended tickets for return when we tired of not speaking and hearing English. I have not worked a full year since.  

As I near Retirement, close friends, agents I have known for decades, and long term clients have approached me to help with their Financial Wellness with the Goal of Financial Freedom; this program was born. The Mission is to change as many Lives as I can! You can change your Life and have all you Desire; the Plan and Strategy are for you too!

Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia