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Want to know how much money you need to retire at any age?

Use the worksheet below to help you estimate. Change is inevitable, however, the worksheet can give you an idea of how much savings and most importantly what investment income you need to retire. If you’d like to speak to me about financial freedom,  please email me at or you can call my office at 480-948-5554


I help experienced investors create real estate money machines that are conservative, consistent, and adjust and grow to as much as needed or wanted.

I have been Blessed! Many of my colleagues and long time friends have not! I am continually exposed to those that for one reason or another did not plan or expect to get OLD! Unfortunately, when we really get honest, this predicament includes almost everyone! The same strategy that I used to find Financial Freedom for myself still works and I have accepted the Mission to change as many lives as I can. I am here and my Team is here to help!



Michael hosts several knowledge-intensive events throughout the year for investors, real estate agents/brokers and those interested in using real estate to create wealth.


A new book by Michael Douville

This book is designed to motivate and provide a guide to Financial Freedom Forever! Never miss a Teacher’s Conference, Soccer Game, or Boy Scout outing again. Travel wherever and whenever you desire for as long as you desire. This is a Strategy of creating a Residential Rental portfolio that will provide Income in good times and bad. Cash Flow for Now, Retirement and a Legacy to provide Income for Generations!



I am very excited about both the classes I took with you!  I bought your book and am sharing the information I learned with my clients.  I really am excited to implement your ideas in my own business and help my clients to do the same!  I think your ideas are spot on, very timely and essential to get the word out ASAP to help as many Realtors and our clients as possible before it’s too late.  The sooner we start the better off we will all be!  Thanks for all the research and the passion to share it!  You are really doing Realtors a big favor in sharing this information! Kate Rose

Broker/Owner, Kate Rose Realty

Michael’s presentation and content is amazing as both a wealth accumulator and a self-controlled, highly predictable and reliable retirement vehicle for realtors and their clients. Michael is proof positive it works. I am a true believer that his concepts should be shouted from the rooftops, especially at our younger generation who have the distinct advantage of the passage of time. Joe Paonessa

Excellent class and presentation.  Michael is extremely knowledgeable about residential investment real estate, asset acquisition and future income.  He overlays this information with an in-depth understanding of the economy as it will impact each of us.  He alerts us to our future reality – it’s up to us to act! Jerry Hildreth

It was a pleasure attending both your fiduciary class, and the investing boot camp.  The material and knowledge was well presented, exciting to hear.  I recommend this class to any agent, buyer, investor who has any interest in investing in real estate, obtaining a better understanding of financial and real estate markets, investments.  Thank you for sharing the material / concepts,  for encouraging agents to become real estate investors.  All sage advise.  This is a must class for any serious real estate agent. Michael L Tetreault


You sleep better with Real Estate that makes you money rather than the Stock Market Roller Coaster that makes you sick. Dave Ellefson


Michael’s book gives great and logical reasoning and facts to support his program to create a retirement program that beats the market or savings approach hands down. Wish I had started doing this in my 30s or 40s, but am starting in my 70s. This makes total sense to me and is a good read, a great plan and easy to implement over a period of time. It’s never too late unless you don’t start! Larry H Derksen, Jr.

Great read!!! Considering the risky economy today Michael Douville presents a viable option to building a nest egg for retirement. Sage advice with a structured plan to help the realtor and/or lay person achieve long term financial freedom!! Practical plan. We are benefiting from his advice. Gene & Pam Geller