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85% Of My Friends Are Broke!

I have been Blessed! Many of my colleagues and long time friends have not! I am continually exposed to those that for one reason or another did not plan or expect to get OLD! Unfortunately, when we really get honest, this predicament includes almost everyone! The same strategy that I used to find Financial Freedom for myself still works and I have accepted the Mission to change as many lives as I can. I am here and my Team is here to help!

Getting old and being poor really sucks! Michael Douville

Meet the Team

Michael Douville

Founder & CEO

Born on the far south side of Chicago in a struggling neighborhood, I was identified with 29 others as having Potential. A new education format was tried where promising young minds were exposed to fine Teachers.  My Public High School years were filled with Full Professors from the University of Chicago teaching Biology, Chemistry, History, and English. The Advanced Placement program was born; I was taught to think!

 My Father thought I should be a Doctor so off to the University of Illinois I went. However, while working during my 3rd summer break, Business and Investment took me away! My Father never recovered, I was thrilled!!!

 A curriculum change brought me to owning a few small businesses before I was 21 and Governor State University tried to educate me. I was off and running hard!!! Real Estate has been my passion.

1972: Licensed in Illinois when I turned 21. 1976: Vice-President of the largest broker in Southwest Cook County.  1979: Married my Sweetheart.  1981-1982: Flat Broke: Complete Failure!  1983: Licensed in Arizona.  19831991: Executed Business Plan.  1991-1992: Semi-retired. Spent winter in Nice France. My first son is born.  1994: Second son is born. 1994-2012: Traveling with family 3 months a year. Sons begin School. I start writing for ”The WallStreet Greek”,  Draft Book, represent Investors looking to Retire Early.  2015: “How To Create A Real Estate Money Machine and Retire With Income” is published. Speaking and Consulting. Acting as a Fiduciary!  2017: Seminars of Wealth Creation, Consulting, Speaking, Representing Investors.