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Fiduciaries: We are here for you!

We represent you. Whether you are local, Interstate, or International, we are your agents; your Eyes and Ears. If we are here, you do not need to be. We will allocate your Capital as you instruct. Investment properties either work or they do not. Typically, they do not because they are priced too high or the condition is too low.

Maricopa County is recognized as the top growth County in America with over 222 people moving to “The Valley of the Sun” everyday. Consequently, the demand for housing has outstripped construction actually causing a shortage. Rents and values continue to Appreciate. Pension Funds, Retirement Funds, Direct IRA purchases find Maricopa County, home to such great cities as Scottsdale, Phoenix, Peoria, Chandler, and the # 1 zip code in the United States: Gilbert, AZ., a perfect place to Invest.

The dynamic growth and a pro-Business environment of the Phoenix MSA makes Asset allocation of principal safer. The consistent, conservative cash flow allows for monthly Income payments so important to those retired or semi-retired. The focus has been on Direct Ownership of very affordable, entry level single family residential properties. These are ideal for individuals, retirement funds, or LLC’s.

Suitability and long Term investment goals for each investor are paramount and an understanding of where you expect to be in 5 years, 10 years, and 30 years is necessary for strategic acquisitions. We cannot acquire property for you without knowing you! The Plan and the Strategy usually require 8 to 10 years to implement and season.; from experience, we know this time goes by fast. We need to be a “Good Fit” for you and you for us.


Private confidential consultations with you, your significant other, your Financial Adviser, Attorney, Accountant, Key Personnel or your entire staff are available and greatly encouraged.  Please make an inquiry by e-mail or contact the office.

Financial Wellness Checks

Special meetings to review our client’s current Economic circumstance and devise a Plan to meet personalized goals by specific actions and accountability. Everyone should take this time and review; it is amazingly beneficial.

Goal Implementation

If it is not Defined within a stated time frame and announced to an Accountability Partner, then it will not be achieved. Within the Plan are easily identifiable goals that must be achieved to Succeed! We act as a Facilitator to help implement goal oriented actions.


There are times to be Bold and times to be Cautious. We read the tea leaves daily; we do not want to make a Mistake! As a follower of the Business Cycle and a realization that life does not move in a linear fashion, but rather moves through Cycles. Each different cycle has a unique signature and a unique interaction upon other cycles. We leave the detail research to others, but collate and collect the research into a very useable form. The Presentation always incorporates the latest data. It is this edge that helps discern Us from everyone else allowing the deployment of Capital strategically, timely, and in the path of Growth. Our clients have experienced much better than average returns and have avoided costly mistakes due to our Forecasting.

Property and Asset Management

We are with you through the entire process. You are certainly able to manage your properties yourself. However, we believe you should do what you do best and allow us to find and financially screen the Tenant, collect and distribute the rents, professionally handle the Tenant issues while you remain the Investor, not the Landlord! All maintenance, upkeep, and updating can again be done by you or tasked for our completion. Emergency calls and after hour calls can be handled by us as well.

An Asset review is recommended annually to assess the performance and any areas that can be enhanced to raise the returns such as Insurance reviews, Mortgage reviews, condition assessments, Market assessments, changes in client status or economics, Buy, Sell, Exchange, or Hold recommendations.

Professional Referrals

We know everyone!! Need an Accountant for California Tax? We know one. Need Estate help? Yep, we know one! Need a good A/C repair company? Yes, that too!!  Same with handymen, painters, carpet cleaners, roofers, landscapers. This is CYA for the Attorneys: they come and go, some remain for a long time, usually they do a very good job.

Speaking Engagements

Michael Douville has an extensive calendar of speaking engagements. This is in the Pursuit to extend the Strategy and the Plan to as many as will hear and heed. If your organization is a Veterans Group, a First Responder such as Police, Fire, Sheriff Departments, a Child Charity, a Religious Group, a Family Relief Organization, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Club, or any worthwhile cause, Michael can usually waive the speaking fee. Just do not tell anyone!!  We also donate to Veteran Causes and First Responder Causes on a rotating basis. Sometimes is is a lot, sometimes just a little.

Short Sales

A few short words about Short Sales!!! We bought a lot of them! We did very well as the market handed us the opportunity and our clients made excellent gains. We are very good with them; if anyone needs the expertise we can certainly handle the transaction.