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How to Create a Real Estate Money Machine and Retire with Income (For E-books & Mobile Device Readers)

Executing the Strategy will Change your Life! This book is meant to motivate and provide a guide to Financial Freedom Forever! Implementing the plan will provide monthly Cash Flow that is Conservative, Consistent, and will adjust and grow to as much as is needed or wanted. Never miss a Teacher's Conference, Soccer Game, or Boy Scout outing again. Travel wherever and whenever you desire for as long as you desire. This is a Strategy of creating a Residential Rental portfolio that will provide Income in good times and bad. Cash Flow for Now, Retirement and a Legacy to provide Income for Generations! David Gurwitz, Managing Director for Charles Nenner Research: "I have a go to person; Michael Douville. He has a unique ability to help frame a proper mindset and appreciation for Real Estate as a portion of a portfolio." John Foltz, Former President of the Arizona Association of Realtors as well as past Chairman of the National Association of Realtors Strategic Planning: " If you want the plan from someone who has “been there, done that’? THEN THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU. Michael Douville shares the plan that worked for him and created a reliable income for life."

FORMAT: E-book (For E-book and Mobile Device Readers)

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What Others Have to Say:

Michael’s book gives great and logical reasoning and facts to support his program to create a retirement program that beats the market or savings approach hands down. Wish I had started doing this in my 30s or 40s, but am starting in my 70s. This makes total sense to me and is a good read, a great plan and easy to implement over a period of time. It’s never too late unless you don’t start! Larry H. Derksen, Jr.

Great read!!! Considering the risky economy today Michael Douville presents a viable option to building a nest egg for retirement. Sage advice with a structured plan to help the realtor and/or lay person achieve long term financial freedom!! Practical plan. We are benefiting from his advice. Gene & Pam Geller

Thoughtful and thought provoking. Seasoned investor Michael Douville urges stock holders not to delay in reaping profits already made in stocks and bonds. Offering a cash flow strategy that has worked for him, he encourages investors to consider re-allocating stocks and bonds into cash and income generating rental properties. If you need to be motivated to take the step into rental real estate, this book will provide you the needed confidence and inspiration. Dr. Connie Feil

Michael starts out with rationale behind owning real estate as an investment. Starting as a commercial agent in 2002 as well as a landlord, I didn’t really need it but most people are going to find a really compelling argument for real estate investment. As an investment analyst for nearly a decade now, I can tell you he’s right-on with his case. I like that he addresses the recent real estate bubble in the book, something that too many real estate investing books avoid. He acknowledges the decline in property values but provides good evidence of how rent rates did not affect real investors as much as the speculators. The rest of the book, he lays out his strategy for finding, financing and managing residential rentals. I won’t give any spoilers but it’s a well-thought out strategy for building a stable portfolio of homes. Michael talks directly from his own experience, which makes it easy to relate to your own goals and plan. The book is in a conversational style that makes it easy to read, even when the numbers get a little heady. I would have liked to have seen a little more on managing the properties yourself. He talks about finding tenants and management before talking about how to source a management company. I think a lot of new investors would need more detail on how to avoid tenant headaches if they’re going to manage their own portfolio. Joseph Houge, CFA

I’m not in Real Estate or the Financial Industry, I’m just a regular guy. I heard Michael speak and read his book and everything made sense. I don’t want to buy a Maserati, I just want to have some extra money to enjoy my life and having something for the future. There is no way I am going to invest money in the stock market and the bank, forget about it. This is a great way to generate income which increases over time. I’m on my way!!! Thank you Michael. Jonathan Rovetto

This book gets you pretty pumped out about becoming a real estate investor. It’s fun to read because it gets you so excited. I’ve read it a few times and I always think “man I gotta do this” but then the “but what if I screw up and lost money” thought kicks in and I do nothing. Hopefully I’ll be able to update this post in a year with news that I bought my first property! Wannabe Traveler

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